Friday, December 4, 2009

Tiara, No Sugar

With the holiday season upon us -- and candlelight's call to sparkle, glimmer and shine -- it's fun to discover new old modes of self-adornment.

Recently, I've been looking at tiaras. But not the skinny supersweet diamanté versions favored by Lagerfeld, brides, and Tinkerbelle.

Instead I mean bulky, bold, take-no-prisoners tiaras, like those worn by warrior queens and the guardian of the masses, Lady Liberty.

The model Givenchy created for its haute couture collection (above) is awesome, no? I wish I had the nerve and bone structure and reserves in the checking account to wear it.

Other, less frankly-kind-of-scary examples are also available.

I love the jazz-age skittishness of this little headpiece.

And this silver and turquoise Native-American inspired tiara is perfect for a more casual gathering around an open fire.

Or this amazing non-vintage-but-cool-enough-to-post headpiece from ShopCurious . . .

What would you wear, if you could crown yourself Queen of the Night?