Monday, April 12, 2010

How to Style a Skinny Belt: Cross Hitch

Back on the blog after a few weeks away: missed you!!

Here's a fresh way to style a favorite old snakeskin belt, or a new one picked up for pennies secondhand, or even another type of belt altogether, like the one on your trench. It's little tricks like these that make a look "effortlessly" chic (and as anyone who looks effortlessly chic will tell you, it takes many tricks indeed).

Take one skinny belt, thread the shank through the top of the buckle, around, and cross over and back through the buckle below (click on the photo to enlarge to see closer and work it out from that, much easier than trying to follow the instructions . . . )

This look is especially great if the outfit is essentially monochrome, as here.

Brilliant styling by the UK's Red magazine, April 2010, many thanks, more from this editorial later this week.


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  2. Don't touch it!! It's history, and some of it may give you a laugh (or a tear) ten years from now . . .

    But if you must for habitation reasons, my first prescription is to get everything on nice matching beechwood or whatever hangers. Seriously, I bought a box of 50 off eBay--regular and clip trouser hangers--and it was one of the best fashion purchases ever made. Get your stuff up on those and all of a sudden it's a "collection" . . .

    Also, if chuck you must, discard anything that doesn't feel great on. Itchy, too-tight, riding-upping, wrinkling-the-wrong-way and otherwise annoying clothes just don't get worn.

    Yup, weeding is a real PITA but after you'll feel soooooo cleansed . . . .

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