Friday, March 26, 2010

Chevalier of the Round Tummy

Ladies, it's not just us. Just came across this delightful reminder that the menfolk could be as donkers as the women in the pursuit of looking young and slim. Amazing wrap-around band! Doh! It's elastic!

Be that as it may, the codger in the ad looks like Charles Atlas's buffer older brother, so I'm not sure why he's gone for the Chevalier. That will remain his little secret--and his wife's--and very probably all the rest of the wives in the neighborhood, because how could she possibly keep that tidbit to herself. Just thinking about this makes me laugh. Have a great weekend!

(Image from Christian Montone's photostream on Flickr, many thanks!)


  1. My OH is proud of his (late) middle-age belly. Well, making the best of a situation perhaps, especially as I knew him in his skinny adolescence. But the thing is (unlike my modest thickening waistline) it NEVER shows in photos as he sports a casual, though actually loosely tailored shirt or classic sweater. But then he is tall and devastatingly handsome (according to some ex-friends LOL!) But I'd rather he has the belly than the corset!

  2. My favorite memory from a week in Budapest was two guys in the outdoor schwimbad who were so very portly they could stand in the water and rest a chessboard across their tums for a game. Those dudes were PROUD of their bay windows. A lesson for us all . . . xxC