Friday, January 15, 2010

How an Off-Duty Model Wears Vintage

If you're not personally camped out in a café at the corner of Cool and Hip, Altamira: Models Off Duty is a great place to see street fashion worn as its designers intended. One of my favorite postings in recent weeks was of German model Aymeline Valade.

Check out her necklace, a big old pocketwatch strung on a long chain. I have a sneaking suspicion it's not actually old, but it's a great inspiration, no? Because how much more better would a real, slightly tarnished old silver one look? Plus the keffiyeh scarf, draped model style.

My favorite element? Those grey suede brogues. Brown suede is fairly common but I've never seen them in quite this shade before, which seems perfect for when winter's blacks start making the shift into springtime's navy and white.

What's best about Aymeline Valade's look? You don't have to look like Aymeline to pull it off.

(photos from Altamira: Models Off Duty, many thanks!)


  1. The way she puts the items together just goes to show you that you can be comfy and casual without looking frumpy and sloppy.

  2. Amen Lesley Ann! I tip my hat to any girl who can make a day of it in 4-inch heels, but this look is real, and great, which in truth is much harder to do. I'll keep a lookout for similar successes and post them . . .